Monday, December 27, 2010

Hate Spiral

I absolutely hate everything. I can't stand people and their needs. No one can say they are independent from anything. Always needing help and having their hand held. It's disgusting. I especially hate people trying to be my friend when they know they already fucked up.
My husband so kindly invited this one bitch over that I can't stand. "She's my friend" yeah... and I have dozens of guy friends that you won't let me talk to. "They want to get in your pants!" And you think girls aren't the same way. In fact I think we are way more vicious. We are constantly in a competition with each other. Makes no sense. The name of the game always changes. Who has the hotter boyfriend. How many boys secretly want to be with us. Who is the loneliest. The list goes on. Another disgusting thing about the female race.
I'm sticking to my hermit idea cause both genders of the human race are nothing but backstabbing cannibalistic pigs.
Anyone reading this I am considering on going to a doctor. I just wish I could afford it.
Christmas sucked. Once again female stupid shit was going on.  And being a good friend I came to the rescue on Christmas eve to save her ass. Useless piece of ghetto trash she is.
If you read my entry before this one you would be baffled by the next thing I'm about to say. My husband doesn't understand why I don't trust him with other females.... hm.... I wonder. MAYBE CAUSE YOU FUCKING CHEATED ON ME TWICE YOU FUCKING USELESS BASTARD!
Not to mention he doesn't have a job. A real one at least. I work and go to school. So I think that justifies my angst.
That is all for today.